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CBD – Cannabinoids

CBD is one of more than eighty cannabinoids present in cannabis plants. Its medicinal properties have made it become an alternative for those seeking relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety, psychosis, seizures, spasms and other chronic conditions.


It’s CBD Oil for me?

CBD Oil products are alternate methods to counteract different symptoms caused by chronic illness. Note that dosage always depends on each individual person, their condition, weight, age a different factors.

It’s important to always consult a professional before using any CBD Oil product. Factors such as blood pressure can be affected by cannabinoids.


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Endoca ™ focuses on the research and development of innovative hemp extracts and their accessibility in international markets.

They are dedicated to the production of the best and purest CBD oil. Endoca’s main objective is the development of different high quality hemp extracts with a broad profile of cannabidiol, other natural molecules present in hemp and investigation of their individual properties.


myCBD is a trademark of KSK Labs, a company that is 100% committed to the elaboration of products that contain cannabidiol (CBD) manufactured with high quality standards.

myCBD aims to the creation of CBD products that are different from what currently exists in the market. myCBD has a meticulous manufacturing process that through which they seek to provide customers with high quality creams, sublingual oils and hemp teas.


Cannabis two main components are THC and CBD, both substances have really different effects on the human body. While THC produces strong psychoactive effects, CBD has major medical applications.

Thanks to different studies CBD has become a reliable treatment for patients who wish to relieve their symptoms without the psychoactive effects produced by THC and wish to try new options for the treatment of their conditions, other that traditional drugs.

As a result of years of studies, scientific and clinical investigations have demonstrated that CBD has neuroprotective, neurogenic effects.Unlike other treatments, medical cannabis is very appealing to health care professionals due to its minimal side effects.